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Event Profile : Colorado >> Reapers Hollow
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As you approach an old, dilapidated shack in the cornfield, your heart rate starts to increase. There is a dim light on in an upper window and you catch a glimpse of a shadow. Someone or something is lurking up there. As you get closer it feels as if the corn is closing in around you and you are being forced towards the front door. Will you be brave enough to enter the shack and survive a half mile trek thru the ghoulish cornfield and terrifying woods? Not Recommend for under 13.

Website : www.reapershollow.com

11321 Dransfeldt Road
Parker, Colorado, 80134

Email : reapershollow@live.com

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Reapers Hollow is brand new to Parker, CO this year as an outdoor, haunted walk through attraction. Located on Flat Acres Farm, the haunt is a terrifying 3/4 mile trek through cornfield and woods.


There is something dark lurking in the woods and cornfields at Flat Acres Farm. For decades there have been reports of strange happenings. People say they hear sounds, like those of a scythe reaping the corn. You might catch the glimpse of an ominous shadow, swiftly moving through the woods and fields, as if floating above the ground. People who enter the corn or woods at night have gone missing... Will you dare to enter? Reapers Hollow is premiering in Parker, CO this year as an outdoor, haunted walk through attraction. Located on Flat Acres Farm, the haunt is a terrifying 20-30 minute trek through cornfield and woods. - Oct. 13,14,15, 21,22, 28, 29, 31 Halloween



All Ages

11321 Dransfeldt Road (FLAT ACRES FARM) across from Target and Walmart.

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